Bristol Cyclist Portraits: Jordan & El

Bristol Cyclist Portraits: Jordan & El
13 November 2016 Janine

Bristol Cyclist Portraits: Jordan and El

Meet Jordan and El.

I met these two inspiring cyclists whilst testing road bikes for Bike Radar’s Women’s Road Bike of the Year 2016. I was lucky enough to be thrown in amid a small group women from all spins of cycling life, to ride shiny beasts up and down a Somerset hill for an entire weekend.

Friendships were formed over those two days, and unusual memories made from riding beautiful expensive road bikes straight from the box, scoffing tasty treats, sharing opinions on women’s cycling, and talking about, you know, boys and things.

bike radar

Six months on, we still ride together, we swim together, drink bubbles and coffee together and talk about the cycling adventures we plan to have – alone or together. Overheard on today’s ride: ‘Let’s cycle from Bristol to Devon, do a 125 mile loop of Dartmoor and cycle back, yeah?’ It’s these sorts of chats that really get the imagination fired up.

Jordan, left, was a bike courier in Bristol when we met. She rode hundreds of miles a week delivering post through all weather on her trusted red white and blue Pinarello, who recently got a makeover after sustaining an injury from a collapsing sealing. ‘He looks much better now,’ Jordan says.

El, right, will be seen speeding by on her Bianchi in the Somerset countryside, or speeding through Bristol city on Princess, her stunning pink retro Peugeot. ‘I got my first road bike at uni and never looked back,’ says El. There’s a unique radness about El, whose enthusiasm for the jaw-dropping challenge knows no bounds.

Series of cool portraits coming.

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