Ladies Night at Bike Science.

Ladies Night at Bike Science.
9 February 2016 Janine
Bike Science Night - Bristol

Ladies Night at Bike Science, Bristol: Talks from Inspiring Riders.

Bike Science Night - Bristol

Full of cold I may be, but (sorry ladies) that didn’t stop me popping by tonight’s women’s evening at Bike Science; a lovely yellow-branded bike shop at the summit of Whiteladies Road in the city of Bristol, to hear three ladies talk about this wonderful world of women’s cycling.


// Talk one – Fiona


I nabbed me the last chair just in the nick of time for the first speaker Fiona Hunter-Johnson, one of 15 riders for women’s team Fusion RT Fierlan, whose mission is to be the best cycling team in the UK. Fiona started riding a bike as a child and later in her teenage years when her parents bought her a mountain bike to avoid being a taxi service! In 2011 she tried her hand at triathlon, but not being too good at swimming, and injured through running – decided that cycling was for her, and gradually climbed the rankings to her current 2nd Cat status. She joins Fusion for the first time this season.

// Talk two – Lucy



Next up at centre Bike Science stage was Lucy Gardner, the talent and passion behind Fierlan cycling apparel for women. “I’m going to say a little about what Fierlan do, and what you can do,” she said. She explained how she started her apparel brand to help fill the void of cycle wear options for women, commenting on how positive it is to see a lot more women’s cycling clothing brands out there on the market today.

“Never underestimate the power of a photo of you smiling on a bike.”

Lucy talked about how whilst there’s a long way to go, women’s cycling is progressing – and there are things that we can all do to help move it forward including:

// Get Social – post photos of you smiling on a bike
// Support your friends
// Run a women’s ride
// Be positive in the face of negativity
// Take part in women’s events yourself.

And finally, we heard from Gillian Taylor, also a rider for Fusion RT Fierlan.

// Talk three – Gillian


Gillian, a rider for Fusion RT since 2012, told us “I wish I’d come to it younger – who knows where it could have gone” – a sentiment that many of us will relate to. I am discovering cycling at the age of 34 and I love it – I wish I’d had the opportunity to ride ten years ago, but it just didn’t cross my mind.

Gillian, who doesn’t like to touch her breaks on Belmont Hill (anyone who lives in Bristol will be equally as impressed by this) worked with a coach in 2014 and discovered the difference between training and ‘just riding my bike’. “After that, things became very different,” she said. “You get out what you put in.” She is a Cat 2 rider for Fustion RT Fierlan.

It was wonderful to spend 90 minutes with other women so passionate about cycling, I’m looking forward to the next Bike Science Ladies Night.

Bike Science run rides every Saturday from the shop at 8.45am. Suitable for women riding from an average of 11MPH and upwards with road bikes.

For more info see the Bike Science Rides Facebook Group.

// About Fusion RT Fierlan.

Fusion RT is a progressive and ambitious top tier women’s cycling team.  The team compete at the highest level in the UK cycling calendar including the Women’s Team Series and the BC National Women’s Road Series. 

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