Meet Ultra Marathon Pat

Meet Ultra Marathon Pat
22 September 2016 Janine

Meet Pat. The 68 year old is relatively new to the endurance scene, yet she’s already got an astonishing 107 marathons and several ultra marathons to her name.

Pat Ultra Walker

‘I shuffle along, really, says Pat, when describing her style of competing at ultra marathons and marathon events as a walker. With 107 marathons and many ultra marathons to her name, you could say she is a bit of a pro, but Pat hasn’t always been the long-distance queen. ‘I was a late starter,’ she says. ‘I’d been suffering with breast cancer. When I got the all-clear, a friend bought me entry to a marathon. I really didn’t say a lot!’ She smiles.

Despite initial trepidation, Pat trained for and completed her very first marathon at the age of 54, and absolutely loved the experience. ‘I even went back the following year to do it again!’ She says. 14 years on, Pat has completed an astonishing 107 marathons, travelling all over the world in the process. ‘My least favourite one was amazingly at Marathon itself,’ says Pat. ‘I thought it would be incredible, but it was just one long hill!’

‘Completing marathons is liberating. You have two choice in life – either get out there and do it, or vegetate on the sofa.’

Pat has not only travelled solo all over the world to complete marathons, she’s even done them over consecutive days. She’s a regular at the Extreme Energy event ‘The Druid’s Challenge’ which requires her to cover a massive 84 miles over three days along The Ridgeway in Bucks. ‘I’ve done The Druid’s four times, and in 2015 I did four marathons in four days. I really felt that one afterwards!’ Pat laughs. ‘But after a few glasses of wine I was fine,’ she says. (Sounds sensible, we think.)


Ultra Marathon Walker


‘I just love the sense of achievement I get from all of the events I do,’ say Pat. ‘I love the fitness I get from it – it’s liberating. I think you have two choices in life, you can either get out there and do it, or you can vegetate on the sofa – the choice is yours!’

Pat’s a regular at XNRG ultra marathon events because, she says, they welcome people of all abilities and have an amazingly inclusive feel about them. ‘If I had to sum it up in two words, I’d say “they care”. To find out more about XNRG events, ultras around the UK for runners and walkers alike, check out the website.

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