'Twas the night before ironman

'Twas the night before ironman
18 July 2015 Janine
Wish me luck!

I’ve been all over the place, a ball of nerves, a quiet tear in race briefing. Now the lights are out, my bike is on rack 296 at Pennington Flash, my T1 and T2 bags are having on their pegs at different locations nestled with 2499 other bags.

I’m scared and excited. Ive done all of the hard work – now is the time to enjoy the day!
There were lots of people around today but it was eerily quiet, everyone in their own world of preparation. But tomorrow, when the cheering starts, and the rain dries up and the sun comes out, I feel that there is some mighty fun to be had.
Until then, some photos from today.
Big love xox 

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  1. Katy O'Connor 4 years ago

    I've been reading (and loving) your blog Janine and just burst out laughing when I realised I took that photo of you holding your good luck cards!! I was a volunteer at Bolton (for the 4th time) and I'm 99% ready to sign up on 1 September for Bolton 2016. Well done on your brilliant time 😀

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