One inspiring lunch.

One inspiring lunch.
1 March 2016 Janine

It’s not every day that meeting for a falafel salad can turn into making plans with yourself to face fears and climb a mountain.

Today I met adventurer Sophie Radcliffe, and it’s fair to say that this was one inspiring lunch. Here are some outtakes from our conversation, in between munching and supping mint tea.
‘The only person standing in the way of making things happen, is you’, she says. Sophie is living proof that this is true.


// Sophie on just being yourself.

The day I met Sophie Radcliffe for lunch

Sophie Radcliffe

First off, this girl has balls. Well actually that’s an annoying way to put it, since she doesn’t have any balls at all. She is all girl with gusto. As tough as nails, but feminine too – I’ve always had an innate desire to try scary things and yet still be feminine. Sophie has this combo nailed.

In describing her passion for endurance sports and adventure, she says she grew up hating sport, feeling uncomfortable in her gym kit at school. I chirp-in in agreement with something about repeatedly being picked last for netball. Sophie laughs in agreement.

She says that at work there was pressure to be more corporate, and in life in general there is pressure to be feminine and girly. ‘Why couldn’t I just be me?’ She says. When she started rowing, and doing British Military Fitness – she discovered that she could just be herself. ‘In sport I could just be me.’

// On dreaming it and doing it.

Sophie Radcliffe - Mountain Runner

Sophie Radcliffe – Mountain Runner

We talked about how it’s all too easy to fall into this formulaic structure in life, always waiting until the next decade to start that thing, getting a mortgage, climbing the career ladder. It’s hard to break the mould, but we are not our CV. Our job titles do not define us. ‘We’re all so busy and there’s never any time to really step back and look at everything,’ she says.

‘When I decided to quit my job, there was nothing to hold me back. If I could imagine it then I could make it happen’. Sophie oozes this sort of positive thinking, and it’s not contrived, it’s entirely authentic. When she’s talking, she’ll describe an idea and then follow it up with a positive affirmation about how achievable it is.

Ok, so step 1. dream it, step 2. say you can do it, step 3. do it.

// On climbing mountains (and cycling between them).

Sophie Radcliffe

Sophie Radcliffe Loves Mountains

‘That combination of mountains and cycling, there’s nothing like it’. Sophie says.

Sigh. Heights are my nemesis, or to put it another way – I’ve never climbed a mountain. Not so for Sophie who has done the three peaks and cycled between them with adventurer Sean Conway. The way she described the combination of cycling and mountains had me green with envy.

Sophie’s a big advocate of pushing boundaries; ‘The only person standing in the way of making it happen, is you’ she says. And she’s living proof that this is true. #challangesophie


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