13 January 2015 Janine

“I jiggle therefore I am” 

I jiggle therefore I am
This girl can

Fear of judgement is stopping many of us from taking part in exercise. But as thousands of women up and down the country are proving, it really doesn’t have to. – This girl can.

Something’s happening in 2015 and it is good. Professional cyclists and triathletes are paving the way and campaigning, nay, fighting tooth and nail for coverage of women’s sports. There are whispers that the incredible Half the Road is about to inspire a Half the Mud for cyclocross, and we now have the likes of Glamour Magazine campaigning to say no to sexism in sport.  

On the same mission, in 2015 Ironman launched Women for Tri, an intitative aiming to unite and empower female athletes of all fitness levels.

“Women For Tri embodies the heart and soul of what makes the sport so rewarding: testing your ability, overcoming challenges, and realizing the full depth of your potential in the most widely recognized test of endurance – triathlon.” – Ironman

Since its inception in 1974, triathlon has been distinctive in its inclusion of female and male competitors on the same courses with the same challenges and rules. In keeping with the unique spirit of our sport, Women For Tri looks to increase female participation at all levels of triathlon.

Women 4 Tri  - Triathlove

Ironman say their mission is simple: To identify and diminish primary barriers to entry, and mobilize triathlon advocates to encourage and engage female athletes across all distances and representing all athletic abilities.

Meet the THIS GIRL CAN girls (Click photo)

Meet the Girls

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