First ever first place!

First ever first place!
14 February 2016 Janine

I’d spent the week leading up to an off-road 10k ill in bed. Maybe the rest did me good, because I rocked up and won it, my first ever win!

My blog had a bit of tumbleweed across it this last week – after my Pesky Puddle run I got the flu. Not man flu, but proper flu. The sort with shivers and shakes and a lack of appetite and (gasp) the inability to taste chocolate. Now night sweats I can handle, but that makes me sad.
It felt like it went on forever. I am a terrible patient. I watched one film on my computer and for the rest of the time I just lay there wishing I was outside in the world doing fun stuff. In reality however it went on for just a few days. Two fully in bed, and the rest working from home and generally being disgusting. I doubt I’ll be racing this weekend, I said to my friends when they asked me what I’d be up to. So on Saturday morning, when I woke up feeling demi-human, I cycled 60km, and on Sunday I did a very muddy 10k race – the Relish Running Races Bath Skyline.

I won a voucher for these bad boys

Two years ago I’d gone to the same race and deserted my team mates at the fishing line due to a sudden onset of snow. This year however, the sun glistened beautifully through the trees of Bath and warmed my cockles albeit only a little. I ran in shorts and t-shirt which earned many a ‘ooh you’re brave – or stupid!’ comment before the race – I was pretty damn pleased I did though, I was boiling when I got going and ran past a few people in full-on coats.
I cannot explain how silly the muddy course was in the woods. I just shrieked and laughed and slipped my way around. The first lap of the two-lap 10k (actually 8.5k!) course was spend weaving around people and uttering the odd ‘sorry’ as I flung my way down great slides of mud, swinging from trees like Jane (the Tarzan one) as I went. And of course what goes down –  and so up we went, I tried to run but ended up panting my way up the muddy hill, bent right over. Up the top I straightened out and enjoyed a swift dash along the fields headed for lap two.
The woods were much quieter now, I enjoyed a clear mud slide ahead of me and picked up pace, throwing myself down and mud-skating rather than running. I got way too close to a drop-off and tried to thwart neck-breaking disaster, going down good-n-proper in the process.
The second up-hill through the woods was pretty harrowing. By now panting was replaced by grunting and hands were on thighs. I can do this! I chirped inside my head through the burning lactic acid racing through my thighs. As I reached the top I panted along the fields, leaped over the fence and wended my way to the finish line, absolutely caked in mud and a tiny trickle blood for good measure.

Changing in the car, I’d decided to pop back to the finish line to get a piece of orange before heading home. As I did so, they announced the winners and I heard second place being called up with a slower time than mine – I was totally shocked! My name was indeed announced as first place and I whooped and collected my voucher. A tiny air punch may have slipped out.

So thank you Bath Skyline for a confidence boost, my first ever (running) win, and a great V-Day, and here’s to the journey my loot will take me on 🙂

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