Too excited to sleep? #401runwithben

Too excited to sleep? #401runwithben
24 August 2015 Janine
Here’s a probable truth about a friend of mine from my running club in Bristol.

This time next week, he probably won’t be getting a good night’s sleep, because if he is anything like me, he’ll be too damn excited. I mean okay, doing Ironman UK is incomparable to running a marathon every single day for over a year of your life. But Ironman UK was the biggest event of my life, and falling asleep was as difficult as it would be for a child who’d been told that tomorrow was Christmas and that she also had her first ever ballet recital, or something. That’s a mixture of excitement and nerves that nothing – nothing will you ever get close to unless you are about to take on massive challenge which has inspired you from the moment you first had that Mr Gru ‘lightbulb!’ moment.

Anyway, here my waffling shall cease, for it it time to introduce the promotional video, that tells us all a little bit about why Ben Smith, of Southville Running Club, is about to dedicate over a year of his life to run 401 marathon to raise money for something really very important.

If you want to run with Ben (he’ll be all over the UK running marathons and encouraging people to join him on his journey) then take a look at the schedule here. 

Promotional video, right here.

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