Kit Review: 2000LM Alloy CNC Bike Light from NEOS

Kit Review: 2000LM Alloy CNC Bike Light from NEOS
18 December 2016 Janine

Winter cycling requires lights that mean business. I put the UGOE 2000LM Alloy CNC Bike Light from NEOS Cycling to the test.

UGOE 2000lm light review

When I first saw the UGOE 2000 Lumen alloy front bike light,  I wondered whether it would stand up to the Exposure beast I’d been using on night rides this winter. But this little beauty packs a punch without hurting your wallet (too much).

At just 700g this light is – well, light. And at 38.5x42mm it’s proper dinky too. Furthermore, in super shiny alloy casing it looks pretty sweet to boot. But does it impress me with its illumination?

To put the light to the test I rode a 20 countryside mile loop from Backwell, Bristol. I climbed to the outskirts of Bristol Airport with six other riders and tackled a long sweeping descent, covered in sneaky little dunes of muck and gravel.

Little UGOE gave me sight of the hazards with plenty of warning, and thus I was able to dodge this way and that without too much drama and a mildly further increased heart rate. I was impressed by the power of this light. I only needed the brightest of three settings for the aformentioned particularly hairy descent. The lowest of the three was adequate to get me through the rest of the ride, where I was sometimes in otherwise complete darkness whilst the group split up on hills. I also enjoyed how easily adjustable it is – I was able to move the beam height whilst cycling.

What’s more, I then put this little beast to the ultimate test, cycling 108 miles through the night, from 9pm to 8am, from Portsmouth the Bristol. It lasted all night long and proved easy to switch between brightness settings, which is handy when you’re feeling sleepy. I kept the light on the lowest setting unless I got to a patch of uneven ground or a descent, when I flicked it up to the brightest setting.

The only downside is that the battery pack sometimes slides a little on the top tube, but this is easily fixable by tightening the velcro a little more, and a small price to pay for what is undeniably the best bike light I’ve ever had my Sealskinz mitts on!

Vital Stats

  • 2000 Lumen
  • 2-30 hrs life
  • 3-4 hrs plug in charge
  • 38.5x42mm
  • 719g
  • Aluminium alloy

Finally, the battery pack. Ah yes. I had omitted this piece of information. Probably because it’s largely easy to forget that it’s there – it fits neatly onto the top tube and is easy to whip on and off again with its velcro straps. Aside from power, this system’s advantage is ability to swap out packs if you’re going for a long ride.

Verdict? If you want to go out after dark and train on the lanes then this will light up your life and furthermore, allow you to spend your savings on fun stuff.


This little beauty is available for £80 from NEOS Cycling. 


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