Why you should ride in the rain.

Why you should ride in the rain.
20 February 2016 Janine

Today I rode with BAD Tri and had a wonderful time despite wind, rain and a puncture. Sometimes, against the odds, it just feels good. 

The curious thing about training for triathlon, or fun, or whatever you want to call it, is that you really don’t ever know which will be the good sessions and which will be the big flowery pants sessions (that’s bad, sorry to anyone with big flowery pants).

Some days, you can be all shiny in new kit, tanned legs, perhaps even a pair of pink Rapha socks pulled up around your ankles. The sun’s speckling through the trees and there’s a friendly tail-wind. (Do you see where I’m going with this) and yep – you guessed it, it just doesn’t come together that day. Maybe your legs are groaning and you can’t settle in, the people you’re with seem to be too far in front or too far behind and there’s too much horse crap on the road that day, or whatever.

Clevedon – snapped by BAD Tri Ben today

And some days are like my ride today. You check the weather forecast and grimace, friends say they’ll sit this one out thanks very much. Reluctantly wake up at 8am after a Friday night pale ale to the irregular song of the wind, rain pestering your window pane.

And yet everything just works. Legs feel like dynamite, you feel like taking an easy coffee stop, conversation flows and the group rides at ease with one another. A wheel punctures on a hairy descent and it’s actually fun fixing it, you get lost and think of it like a mini adventure. You arrive home and realise that today, against all odds, you fell in love with cycling all over again. And that’s why cycling anyway when it’s going to be rubbish weather is worth it.

Rugged up: Ben-Hans-Scott-Me

Other reasons you should cycle in the rain:

1. It’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be as long as you’re wearing the right kit
2. It’s quite fun having the rain in your face, feels connected to nature
3. It makes the bath/shower/tea upon arrival home 1000% times lovelier
4. Because it helps you to be more resilient in life in other situations 
5. Because sometimes it reminds you that there is rarely bad weather, just bad prep.

When not to cycle in the rain:

1. When you are ill from the neck down (chest)
2. When you are going out alone, because visibility is bad and chance of needing moral support is higher. Which leads me to…

Riding out with the nice fellows of BAD Tri:

Today we rode to Clevedon and Portishead from Bristol, around 30 miles. BAD Tri rides go out every Saturday morning from the Pumphouse, in Bristol at 9am no matter how rainy. Bad Tri Tom is always there to greet you. There are usually three groups, coffee stops are optional. (There’s always someone up for heading straight back if you’re not feeling it.) The runs have an informal feel, good for those just getting into group riding, and there’s usually a decent balance of tri chat to non-tri chat. BAD Tri >

<3 Triathlove 2016

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  1. scott ellis 4 years ago

    Apologies from Scott and Hans for losing you two guys ! Very non-badtri. Next time !

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