In pursuit of mud.

In pursuit of mud.
11 January 2016 Janine

Be a weekend warrior.

After last weekend was spent on the M5 and lugging boxes up flights of stairs, this weekend I endeavoured to satisfy an insatiable desire to connect with nature. And as such, I’m sat at my desk right now (yes, this is a scheduled post) with the warm smug glow of being a weekend warrior.

Saturday saw 33.3 miles with my tri club, along country roads and lovely scenery, plenty of horses and a stand off between a Postie and a Fiat. I beat the rain, which started to tumble from the sky just as I put my key in the front door (win).

Bad tri club run

Sunday saw a 10-mile run with a friends beautiful Viszler. I wore my Ironman tee-shirt and bounded along, in the unexpected sunshine, picking up poo and smiling at doggie admirers. I then had 30 minutes to scoff down a jacket potato before heading out for a mountain bike session, involving many squeals on wheels.

'Dog Jog'
Dog Jog

MTB thrills

Essentially the weekend was fun on toast, with the added bonus that Monday desk time now equals recovery time. Double win right?

Week one training – Training Stress Points = who even knows. Fun points = ooh, hundreds.

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