Scooting in chilly, boggy winter.

Scooting in chilly, boggy winter.
21 November 2016 Janine

It’s cold out now, puddles are two-a-penny. Is my Swifty scooter just a fair weather friend or is she made of tougher stuff?

For us triathletes, it’s off season. For me, the end of season sigh came weeks ago, and with it the promise of almond croissants of a morning and watching of Gilmore Girls of an evening. But there’s no escaping it, the cold winter training for next year’s A-race begins in the not-too-distant future, and I’d like Swifty to come along for the ride. But can she handle it? There’s only one way to find out…

Swifty scooters - triathlove

It’s never too misty for Swifty.


Every single year winter appears to arrive ever faster; its chill ever crueller. As a cyclist, during the balmy breezes of British summer, it’s all too easy to forget just how biting the wind can be. When winter arrives, however, it does so with a not-so-gentle-slap in the face that leaves me whimpering ‘it’s so cold!’ aloud amid the traffic jams.

This winter, though, there’s something shiny and new in my fleet of wheels, and, with it, some welcome surprises in store as the days turn colder. Swifty is waiting in the wings, inviting me to discover winter at a different pace.

Scooting in winter put to the test

My first outing in proper winter weather had me smiling just as it always does, an ever-effective antidote to sub-freezing breezes. There’s nothing like a smile to warm the old toggles, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was just for starters.

In colder temperatures, the combination of going slower (than on a bike) whilst working harder for more of the time (than on a bike) wins the (shorter) day. Why? Well, you stay warm because the blood’s pumping, but you don’t clock up the same average velocity that renders the ghastly frozen nose effect. As such, through many a cold mist I emerged, a bit smug as a Swifty scooterer, warmer, smilier, cheerier than your fellow al fresco friend.

Winning on warmth I turned my attention to the handling of boggy terrain, rainy lanes and wet leaves, and was surprised by just how well my beautiful scooter dealt too with all that yukky stuff. The tyres took muddy puddles in their stride, and the v-brakes were still comfortingly effective.

There’s a saying amongst cyclists, that winter miles equals summer smiles. But I’ve got to hand it to my new two-wheeled beaut. This winter, you’ll find me splooshing through great muddy sloshy things, making a mess of my waterproofs, knowing that winter-scooting miles equals winter smiles.

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  1. Andy C 3 years ago

    Always enjoy reading about your adventures and insights Janine.
    Wow…this had never occurred to me….it has now!

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