Bruises tomorrow. What a start.

Bruises tomorrow. What a start.
10 July 2014 Janine

Wk 1 log:
M: rest
T: rest
W: rest
T: BAD Tri swim session

F: lake swim
S: BAD tri bike then short run
S: Lake swim then bike

What a week. Doing this crazy fun sport you get to meet A LOT of enthusiastic people. Which is brilliant. It’s like meeting people like me on a more regular basis than usual. These people get really excited talking about distances and frequency and strength in which discipline and equipment and food and training plans and shizzle and I just love it all. All of it!

Lovely people of BAD tri. (Bristol & District Triathlon)

I have only been a BAD tri member for a week (although I have been wanting to join for 2 years so it feels wonderful to finally be in a position to make it all happen) and in that week I have met bubbly Steffi (yet to meet Bella, her Bianchi), Tom the swim coach, who said to me ‘Ah you refer to people by their bikes, you’ll fit right in here’), and Chris, racing his first Iron Man in Bolton, England next week. (Chris said ‘I panicked a week after I booked it’) So in my first technique session with this club, I’ve learned how to control my stroke in new ways that I’d never had considered before.

A Vital Swimming Lesson.

1. I need to keep my strokes evenly timed. Dave Williams did say to me ‘you spend too long breathing’ but I didn’t seem to grasp the pace. Tom said to me ‘1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3’ etc. and whatever speed you swim at, keep it regular. Well I love a good rhythm challange, so apparently ‘grasped that pretty quickly’. 
2. S L O W down and reeellllax! I have a hectic habit. I learned a bit about pace tonight. Slow, easy, moderate, fast, sprint. Well – tonight was moderate and fast, and I was doing more like fast and sprint at first. So, I relaxed. And got into my rhythm. Honestly? One hour of swimming has never, ever (ever) gone by so quickly. Ever. I loved it. Thank you BAD Tri Tom! That’s my £35 quids worth already, surely!
Overall, he said beware the vicious circle of not relaxing. You panic and can’t breathe, so you can’t get enough air, so you panic and can’t breathe, etc etc etc. Conversely, eaaase into it, relax. And you get enough air, and therefore you relax –  the virtuous circle of swimming joy. 
He said I swim very well for someone whose never had lessons. I feel like I have improved a lot over the last year; when I joined Bristol Masters I was definitely a bit more jaggedy around the edges, so whilst I don’t feel I’ve had tuition per se, being in a masters group must definitely have helped. There is always a reason for everything! Bring on next week.

Crashing Out 🙁

I got knocked of my bike onto the tarmac on the way to swimming! I got back  on and still went swimming obvs.

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