Yoga for Cyclists: Shoulders

Yoga for Cyclists: Shoulders
23 December 2015 Janine

Alice’s Weekly Stretch Tips for Cyclists – This Week, Shoulders.

Alice Cheucle is a Yoga Teacher, taking a weekly Yoga for Cyclists class at Flow Yoga Bristol. She fell in love with yoga whilst travelling around South East Asia almost four years ago. She believes that yoga should be available to everyone and she is making it her mission to spread the yoga love.

Alice’s classes target areas that are typically tight for cyclists and focus on increasing strength and flexibility in the shoulders, hips, hamstrings and core strength for the lower back. Every week Triathlove brings you Alice’s helpful tips on how to stay healthy on and off the bike.

I have had a sports massage this week with Llewellyn Holmes to combat shoulder issues and have taken Pukka Wholistic Turmeric twice every day. My shoulders are full on rebelling from the adaptation that is currently taking place as I transition to my new racer. And it hurts. We cyclists are often reminded to drop our shoulders, mine often creep up around my ears – they get a bit of a hard time on the bike bless em. 

Alice’s easy yoga stretches to do at home

“Shoulder pain is a common problem for cyclists. Your shoulders bolster your upper body as you cycle, not only  holding your body still whilst you pedal, but also contributing to climbing effort as you sit up and pull on the handle bars. ‘ Says Alice.

“Luckily, the following stretches can be done anywhere and are a good general warm up for cycling, so do them whenever you remember to.”

The Shoulder Release

  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart and interlace your fingers behind your back. 
  • Inhale and lift your chest. 
  • Exhale, bend your knees and come into a forward bend whilst raising your arms. 
  • Relax your head and stay for five to ten breaths. If your hamstrings are tights then bend your knees a little father. 
  • Rest your abdomen on your thighs to concentrate your shoulder stretch. 
  • To exit, drop your hands to your lower back, draw your abdomen in, and rise up with a straight back.

The Shoulder Hang

This pose will release general upper back tension.
  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart, bend your knees and slowly come into a forward fold.
  • Keeping your knees bent, relax your head, fold your arms, and sway from side to side, gently, like a pendulum. 
  • Let your arms be heavy.
  • To exit, release your arms so that they dangle freely, draw in your abdomen, and uncurl up to standing, raising the head up last.

Alice’s classes are every Tuesday at Flow Yoga, Bristol. £8/75mins £35/block of 5

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